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Telescopic sliding systemS

Telescopic Sliding Doors are space saving technology, suitable where there is less back run space / less door parking space to open the door. Ideal for very large/extra large opening . Partial opening can also be easily achieved In house product designing and manufacturing Specially designed High Grade Multiple Tracks at the top holds the door firmly.

Perfectly noiseless and smooth sliding arrangement Telescopic sliding doors come with high performance dual type top rollers and bottom rollers assembly for a smooth operation of the door Highly impact resistant and corrosion proof Telescopic sliding doors are easy to install and maintain. High Wind resistance capacity.

synchro systemS

With the current innovation and specifications of modern sliding door to have is the synchronized and soft closing feature. With a total of 100,000 factory testing of opening and closing the door, we can therefore conclude that it is safe and durable to withstand the test of time. Before installing all Sliding doors must be enforced with a strong ceiling support (metal beam or concrete) which will be assess by our site specialist. In addition, the” Sliding Guide” within the track allows a maximum weight capacity of 90kg per door. Last but not least, tempered glass between the 15mm heavy-duty aluminium frame added an increase in safety feature for the door.


Door is best and suitable choice for partition between two rooms. example: Indoor Partition between two cabins of an office.
Elegant impression of extreme simplicity and lightness of 16 MM PROFILE system is a result of the special attention given to combine glass with frameless and elegant design and architectural features.
Slimline series is best for elegant frameless look between two rooms. Glass gives perfect view without interrupted view from the vintage doors designs.
With design it also comes with suitable strength and hardware the ensures its long lasting and maintenance free functionality.


Dream Home office partition System is wholeheartedly dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable experience that combines full transparency with removable design, seamlessly connected to the existing partition wall products, and beautifully aesthetically pleasing.
It is slim yet possesses the uncompromising ability to withstand a height of up to 3 metres.
What’s more, this system also delivers peerless sound insulation. Most office spaces need screens that offer acoustic benefits and structural stability – especially cabins and conference rooms. Our Slim office partitions are an ideal solution for these requirements.













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