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Shower Cubicles

Enjoy the ultimate pleasure of bathing.

Discover the timeless pleasure of a luxury bath with world-class shower cubicles from Dream Home Elements that offer matchless performance. Sleek and elegant, they come with truly thick glass to make them sturdy and leak-proof. With their wide range of glass and fitments that open up infinite design possibilities, classy chrome-plated brass fixtures, customized options and installation by experts, they truly redefine complete showering solutions.


One stop solutions at your door step

Installation by trained professionals

Customizable with widest choice

Functional and vibration resistance.

- DHE 16 Series

  • Shutter width only 16mm.
  • Interlock profiles & gaskets eliminate vertical airgaps.
  • Stylish handles.
  • Top track with cover profile gives clean look.
  • Extremely smooth movement.
  • Maximum panels size 1200mmW x 2500mmH.
  • Glass available in many colors.
  • Aluminium profiles can be anodized, powder or wood-coated to desired finish.
  • Transom midrail option allows for endless design possibilities.
  • Options of floor guides or flush channels.
  • Panels compatible with Telescopic & Synchro sliding systems.
  • Suitable for internal partitions, walk-in-wardrobes, shower cubicles

- DHE 25 Series

DHE 24 Shower Cubicles
  • 25 series is an elegant system which can be used as an individual fix partition as well as with mixtures of partitions with doors.
  • The sleek designs and dimensions of 25mm x 25mm gives it a sober as well as elegant look with noticeable edges. with the strength to hold large toughened glass and seamless design it is perfect for a shower cubicle that needs a futuristic look.

- DHE C Series

  • Similar to 25 Series; but has an added advantage of holding different thickness of glass as the clip changes as per the glass thickness.
  • Available in transparent as well as multiple colors.
  • Good quality hardware to ensure the longevity of the product.
  • Perfect sealing of the shower area so that there is no water spill into the dry area. Protects the glass and helps in repelling soap, scum, grime and dirt. It also helps in repelling the water too.

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