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Sliding systems are an important and style shaping element for your house and home. Dream Home provides sliding elements an appealing, distinctive look – thanks to the clear design of the sash profiles.

Adding a contemporary spin on a classic design, Dream Home’s aluminium casement systems allow easy opening and add to the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Dream Home Sliding Folding System is a versatile and flexible, non-thermal broken door system, available in a wide range of configurations to create the look you desire.

Facade Systems

Our new coloured Sea Line railing provides a clean, zero-disturbance view – Perfectly matching the aesthetics of modern buildings. Over the years, we have earned the identity of a trend-setter in the market.

Where a modern, clean, and elegant barrier is required, our Slim Line Glass Railing is hard to beat. Glass offers some wind protection with least obstruction to the view.

Go colourful with your balcony for the perfect view. From the sleek modern look of a frameless railings to the more rich style of coloured glass railings, the sky is the limit when it comes to selecting Dream Home Railings.

This series is suitable for internal partitions and walk-in-wardrobes. Provides stylish handles and extremely smooth movements.

An elegant system which can be used as an individual fixed partition as well as with mixtures of partitions with doors. Perfect for an office partition that needs a futuristic look.

An advanced version of DHE 25, and has an added advantage of holding different thickness of glass; as the clip changes as per the glass thickness.

We build customized railings systems, where dimensions and patterns can be chosen by the user. These are constructed using high grade steel which is procured from our most trusted vendors.

Customize your premium quality balconies railings and have flexibility in terms of various aesthetics, security, weather aspects and surroundings.

We believe in personalization and offer a wide range of other custom stainless steel products, such as: working table, shelve, sink, exhaust hood,etc  of high quality and good design.


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